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Recent books by FYI instructors

Congratulations to our FYI colleagues who recently published books.

Nicholas A. Robins (HI 215) has published Of Love and LoathingMarital Life, Strife, and Intimacy in the Colonial Andes, 1750–1825. Nick is a teaching associate professor in the Department of History at North Carolina State University. He is the author of several books, including Mercury, Mining, and Empire: The Human and Ecological Cost of Colonial Silver Mining in the Andes and Priest-Indian Conflict in Upper Peru: The Generation of Rebellion, 1750–1780.
Maxine P. Atkinson, Sociology, published In the Trenches:  Teaching and Learning Sociology (coauthored with Kathleen Lowney)



Long-time FYI instructor Alison Arnold, What in the World is Music? (coauthored with Jonathan C. Kramer, also Music, NCSU). 2016 – Routledge 290 pages

“What in the World is Music? is an undergraduate, interactive e-textbook that incorporates more than 300 video and audio links to music from around the world. The text investigates the nature and meaning of music as a universal human practice, while providing students with strong points of connection to the ways it affects their own lives. Merging the study of Western music tradition along with the ethnomusicological approach to non-Western music, and with a range of examples from both, What in the World is Music? explores how humans organize and experience sound, and the contexts in which music takes place.

Unit 1: The Foundations of Music

Unit 2: Music and Identity

Unit 3: Music and the Sacred

Unit 4: Music and Social Life”