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William Boone

Broughton Hall 1402


Dr. William Boone has been teaching in the Department of Music at NC State since 2014. His area of academic expertise is in the culture of pop music.  He enjoys teaching with the First Year Inquiry Program because he appreciates the small class size and the opportunity it provides to get to know each student personally. Through the FYI program, he is able to bring guests into his class, so students can gain a perspective of music outside of its standard convention. He makes an effort to develop a community in his class through group projects and discussion-based inquiry which require students to approach topics critically by bouncing ideas off of one another. Students exercise their creativity through song writing, podcasts, and exploration of different music styles. Dr. Boone hopes his students will learn how to apply the analytical skills built in the classroom in their everyday lives.

This fall, Dr. Boone will be teaching MUS 211 (section 001Q) Introduction to Popular Music: 1980 – Present. The course focuses on the cultural influences and music styles from the 1980s to the present day, mainly in the United States.