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Seth Murray

Teaching Professor

1911 Bldg 106B


Dr. Seth Murray has taught at NC State in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences since 2008. His academic training is in environmental anthropology, and his research focuses on the response of farmers to environmental and agricultural policies in the European Union. Dr. Murray has taught FYI courses for the last ten years, and also leads an FYI program each summer to incoming first-year students at the NC State campus in Prague. He enjoys being able to connect with students as soon as they enter the university.

This fall Dr. Murray will be teaching, IS 200 (section 005Q) Introduction to International Studies, a course that encourages students to think about globalization as a set of interconnected cultural, political, economic, and environmental processes. Dr. Murray integrates critical and creative thinking into his course by helping students consider the roles they each play in shaping globalization as it unfolds around them. He is committed to developing a sense of community among his students through class discussions about students’ own experiences with globalization, and by encouraging them to learn from each other. Dr. Murray hopes that, once students complete his courses, they fully realize the power they have in deciding how they want to be a part of a globalized world.