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Paige Luck

Lecturer, Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences

Schaub Food Science Building 129D


Paige Luck is a lecturer in the Department of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences who has been obsessed with food and understanding mistakes and successes in the kitchen since a young age.  Her obsession with cooking led her to seek understanding in food science at NC State where she now shares her passion for food science with students.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gardening, spending time with her family, and walking her energetic whippet, Luna.

She currently teaches Food Science and the Consumer, The Science of Food Preparation, and The Chemistry of Food and Bioprocessed Materials Laboratory.  Her research focuses on training secondary educators to teach food science and recruiting high school students to food science.

Introduction to Food Science

The course aims to explore the profession and discipline of food science. Food science is an exciting, multidisciplinary career that draws on chemistry, microbiology, and engineering principles to create, preserve, and protect the foods that we eat every day. This course is designed to help develop an understanding of the journey of foods from “farm to fork”, the effect of diet on human health, and the laws governing food labeling and marketing.

Hands-on activities will be incorporated allowing students to see food science principles at work.  Did you know you can eat glass without getting hurt?  That there is a rainbow of pigments hiding under the green in your spinach?  Why are pancakes so light, fluffy and deliciously brown?  Why is it so hard to get ketchup out of a glass bottle?