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Kathryn Brown

Department of Music

University College


Kathryn Brown started teaching at NC State in fall 2015 with the Arts Entrepreneurship program in the Department of Music. Her area of academic expertise is Clarinet Performance, with an extensive research background in Arts Entrepreneurship. She teaches EMA 110 (section 001Q) Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship.

Brown enjoys teaching FYI courses because of their smaller class sizes, which allows her to better connect with her students. Through the Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship course she encourages students to incorporate their entrepreneurial skills into their Arts coursework. Brown tries to integrate critical and creative thinking into her course by class activities such as making business plans based on arts geography and with a final project that reflects upon all aspects of the course. She believes the final project helps to bring her class together and develop stronger a sense of community among the students. Brown hopes that, after taking the Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship class students have a better understanding of the value of art and that Arts businesses focus more on rewards rather than profits.