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Haddy Njie

College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Dr. Haddy Njie, a native of The Gambia, West Africa, is a faculty in the International Studies Program and serves as the Africana Studies Curriculum Coordinator. She teaches the First Year Inquiry course  African Civilizations (AFS 240). The class offers avenues for Dr. Njie and her First Year Inquiry students to explore, engage and apply critical scholarship in learning about the great civilizations of pre-colonial African societies.  Dr. Njie particularly enjoys guiding students through the processes of selecting a topic, identifying relevant scholarly evidence, generating a thesis statement, and articulation of the body of evidence for their final project topic on the  “Africa I did not know existed before European colonization.”  The most thrilling part of that project is the five-minute video presentation in which students share the knowledge of their finished product with the class and connections they believe care about their research.”