What is Expected of FYI Instructors

What is Expected of FYI Instructors?

All Faculty:
— Offer a “Q” class that moves students toward the objectives listed above.
— Attend development workshops available at the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning or sponsored by the FYI Program. These workshops give faculty the opportunity to think through the objectives of the FYI program and to talk with other faculty about specific strategies for their particular courses.
–Develop course objectives and student outcomes that are included in the course syllabus.
–Develop rubric for course assessment.
–Report assessment results at the end of the semester.
Faculty who are teaching beyond the second “Q” semester, are invited to participate in monthly faculty meetings but are not required to do so.

New Faculty Only:
— Attend an orientation meeting held near the end of the semester that precedes the one in which they will teach an FYI course and monthly workshops the semester they are teaching..
Faculty teaching for the first and second time:
–Participate in monthly meetings in which faculty members who teach for the first and second time in the FYI program work toward a common understanding of the objectives of the FYI program, discuss the appropriate ways to assess the program, compare notes on teaching methods, share their frustrations and their successes, their questions and their bag of tricks.
–Attend workshop/seminar (when available) presenting guest lecturers who are experts in fields of critical thinking, etc.

Faculty who have already taught an FYI section may provide mentoring for new FYI faculty.

If faculty wish to offer an FYI course that is a new course, they must follow SOP for new course proposal and approval beginning with submission of the Course Action Form which includes a complete syllabus, catalog description, statement of objectives, course justification, GER listing and justification. Approval should take place one semester before the starting date for the course. For further details about this process go to Undergraduate Academic Programs.