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FYI Advantages for Instructors

Advantages for Instructors

  • small class size (n=19)
  • faculty development (training in inquiry-guided learning and teaching critical and creative thinking)
  • expert advice and collaboration with other FYI instructors through monthly workshops
  • proven track record: 90%+ of FYI faculty extend the program approach to all their teaching
  • $1000 stipend to faculty for first semester of teaching
  • variable stipends to departments to compensate for lost seats
  • opportunity to recruit majors to your department or program.


Consider a Linked Course:

  • During the fall semester (only), some FYI instructors link their courses to USC 101, a one-hour transition-to-college course taught by a professional Exploratory Studies adviser (formerly First Year College). Assessments show that students in linked courses perform better in their subsequent university career. Funding for field trip transportation, tickets, and food is also available for linked courses. Because Exploratory Studies¬†students have not declared a major, it also represents an opportunity to recruit students to your discipline.
  • Linked students take a one-credit- hour course each semester in the first year The program also has significant residential and programmatic components. Linking FYI with Exploratory Studies¬†enables students to see one another inside and outside of class, enhances their opportunities to continue discussion on course topics outside the classroom, and to bring issues from outside the class into the class for scrutiny and clarification. The format allows for field trips, synergy between assignments and pedagogy in the 2 courses, and builds camaraderie and mutual support among students. Let the FYI director know if you would like to explore the link option.

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