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Spring 2023 Courses

First Year Inquiry (FYI) classes are for you! These courses, designed for new freshmen and transfers at NC State, feature a small class size (+/-19 students) that encourages active learning and inquiry, develop critical and creative thinking skills, build academic community, and foster a close intellectual relationship between students and faculty. In Spring 2023 we will offer four sections of FYI courses. Make sure to register for the section of the course with the “Q” designation.

COM 112: Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication explores self-concept, language and culture, self-disclosure, active listening, verbal and nonverbal communication, and conflict management. This class is all about relationships! We discuss how we form, maintain, and sometimes end friendships, as well as family, romantic, and workplace relationships. We will examine our own lives, as well as examples from social media, television, movies, and other media. Each week we will enjoy discussions that apply what we learn to real-life examples, as well as methods to improve our relationships.
GEP: Social Sciences; Section 05Q, T/Th 1:30-2:45

HI 209: From Renaissance to Revolution

Through reading together some of the most important writings produced in Europe between the Renaissance and the French Revolution, we will examine the key political, social, and cultural changes that made the modern world. We will be thinking about new conceptions of political authority and the birth of democratic ideas, challenges to age-old notions about gender differences, the tragic development of attitudes towards different races, and Europe’s encounter with the wider world at a time when European imperial powers started to dominate much of it.
GEP: Humanities; Section 002Q, Section 002Q, M/W 1:30-2:45

HI 215: Colonial Latin America

Exploration of the pre-Hispanic indigenous roots and the colonial period in Latin America. Major themes include the origins and development of social, political, economic and religious institutions from pre-conquest times to the achievement of independence. Topics include ancient American cultures, conquest and settlement by Spain and Portugal, colonial rule in theory and practice, religious life and structures, the colonial economy and labor, and independence movements.
GEP: Global Knowledge, Humanities; Section 002Q, M/W 1:30-2:45

WGS 200: Intro to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies as an interdisciplinary field spanning the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Study of historical perspectives and contemporary understanding of women and gender. Theory, systematic analysis, and experiential accounts used to explore complexities of gender, and other identity determinants, mechanisms of power and privilege, and avenues for social change.
GEP: US DEI; Section 002Q, M/W 10:15-11:30

New! HUMU 295: Transformative Texts in American Life

This course will use major texts – great speeches, short stories, court decisions, and pop culture across generations – to transform students’ thinking about the diversity of human life in America’s past, present and future and their place in it. While not formally affiliated with FYI, we’re happy to promote this new course that features many of the same qualities we champion: innovative teaching from great instructors (including FYI faculty!) in small sections that facilitate instructor/peer and peer to peer engagement.
GEP: HUM, US DEI; Section 001, M/W 11:45-1 and Section 002, T/TH 3-4:15