FYI Advantages for Students

The First Year Inquiry Program (FYI) offers General Education courses featuring active learning opportunities exclusively to first-year students.

Why take a mega-class when you can be one of 19 students in a special seminar? FYI students show measurable academic improvement after taking a single FYI course.
What are you waiting for?

  • small classes (size under 20) making discussions easy and productive.
  • close student-student & student-Instructor relationships & communication.
  • focused development of critical and creative thinking skills.
  • active participation through inquiry-guided learning [no boring instructor monologues–classes are interactive!]
  • support & assistance in making the transition from high-school to university-level thinking.
  • an instructor who knows you & your work well enough to write credible letters of recommendation.
  • students taking just 1 FYI course have statistically higher GPAs by junior year.