What is Expected of FYI Instructors

Faculty who are interested in teaching an FYI section for the first time must submit a Faculty Interest Form.

All FYI faculty teaching in the fall semester will attend a faculty retreat, typically scheduled during April of the prior spring semester. The retreat will typically focus on student outcomes from the preceding fall semester, identifying goals for the upcoming semester, and sharing of teaching strategies to reach these goals. We also discuss what support current faculty desire over the semester. A small stipend is provided to participants of the retreat where funding is available.

Because one goal of the First Year Inquiry program is to provide the opportunity for first-year students to engage with a faculty member who might serve as a mentor or resource over the course of the students’ time at NC State, all FYI instructors must hold a faculty appointment (professional track or tenure track).

FYI faculty must be committed to teaching their course using active learning, inquiry-guided teaching strategies, and to help students develop the following programmatic outcomes.

  1. formulate questions/hypotheses to explore a concept, idea, or issue.
  2. critically analyze and evaluate information.
  3. integrate learning across contexts.
  4. feel a sense of community with students in the class.
  5. feel connected to the instructor of the class.

FYI faculty must also be committed to participating in the assessment of programmatic outcomes always designed in a manner that is not intrusive to the course.

FYI faculty agree to provide their class evaluation to the FYI director at the end of each semester the course is offered. This is important for assessment and continued funding of the program, as well as flagging successes or issues that could be focused on during faculty development.

Faculty wishing to offer an FYI course that is a new course must follow normal university procedures for proposing a new course prior to the offering. All FYI courses must fulfill a GEP requirement, and may not have prerequisites.

Departments may request a course buy-out of up to $5,000 for each FYI section.